Sunday, 24 February 2013

Spikes and Studs...

Hi guys,

Today's post is going to be the first of many outfit ideas. Each post will be based around a theme, this one, as you can see from the title, is Spikes and Studs. I love the edginess of this look, it was inspired by the wonderful Jasmine from WildYoungThing on Youtube. She is lovely and I love her style, make sure you go check her out if you haven't already!

Here's the look I put together...

Where to get everything...
Studded collar biker jacket- H&M £34.99
Black cat arizona vest- Topshop £22.00
High waisted treggings- Topshop £25.00
Black leather studded boots- Office *on sale* £45.00
Silver spike necklace- Newlook £4.99
Silver eye cuff- Newlook £3.99
Studded shopper bag- Boohoo £25.00
Thanks for taking a look
Vicky x

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked review and comparison to Colorstay

Hi guys, today's post is a review of the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I thought I would also compare it to the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I've been using the Nearly naked foundation for a few days now and I have to say I'm really liking it!

First the colour/shade, I'm very pale so I have the lightest shade in both which is Ivory. The Colorstay is a perfect match for me and very suitable for pale skin, I would say its the best foundation you can get for pale skin at the drugstore. The Nearly Naked foundation however appears to be a slightly darker colour, despite being in the same shade. However when applied to the skin it is still a perfect match, I'm not sure is it just looks different in the bottle or whether it just blends out nicely.

The Colorstay is quite a thick consistency and gives and medium, but build able, coverage. The Nearly naked foundation is the complete opposite. It is a thin and quite liquidy consistency. Because of this it provides light to medium coverage depending on the amount you apply.

Staying power
From the name you can tell that the Colorstay has fantastic staying power, it wears really nicely and on my combination skin it doesn't get too shiny throughout the day. With the Nearly Naked foundation I wasn't expecting it to last well on my skin as most light foundations don't. However I was pleasantly surprised! It lasted beautifully on my skin and didn't get shiny throughout the day.

Overall I am really impressed with the Nearly Naked foundation and I love having both the Colorstay and the Nearly Naked foundation in my make up collection. The Colorstay is great when you want full coverage and, as it only has a low spf, it would be good for photos. The Nearly Naked is perfect for everyday, I think it will be great in summer as it has an spf of 20.

Thanks for reading,

Vicky x

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Current deals and sales #2

This is my second 'current deals and sales' post and I want to do them on a more regular basis, starting with this one! Just to inform people who don't know, these posts will be a few of the current offers that are going on. Hope you enjoy!

Body Shop
The first deal is from the Body shop, they are offering 35% off all online purchases over £5, plus free delivery! To get this deal you need to use the code VALENTINE.

Dorothy Perkins
Dorothy Perkins are offering £5 off in-store when you spend over £30. You can get this deal from voucher websites and apps such as

ASOS are having their final 70% of clearance, it's you last chance to grab a bargain from their big sale. There is still some great stuff left, I may have made a little order yesterday!

Thanks for reading,

Vicky x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Affordable fragrances for valentines day

Valentines day is coming up, so I thought I'd let you know about some of my favourite affordable perfumes. This may give you an idea of a gift for your special someone, or something to wear yourself on valentines day.

The first is definetly the cheapest, it's the Love Hearts strawberry eau de toilette. At just £5 for 30ml it's a great bargain. But dont let the price tag fool you, it smells great. Its very sweet, girly and a perfect valentine scent for a girly girl.
My next choice is the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. But I think any of the Britney Spears perfumes are great, Midnight fantasy is just my personal favourite. It is fruity and flirty, but still has a slight muskiness to it as it has vanilla as a base note. This perfume is about £20 for 30ml which I think is a great price.

Next is the Beyonce Heat perfume, this is another one of my personal favourites. Like the Midnight fantasy it is fruity with a hint of muskiness, however the smell is slightly less sharper than the midnight fantasy. This is also about £20 for 30ml.
My final choice is the most expensive, however i would still consider it to be affordable considering the price of most perfumes. It's Vera Wang Princess, not only does the heart shape bottle perfectly fit with the valentines theme but the smell does to. When I smell this perfume I think 'romance', its soft and sexy but still sweet and flirty at the same time. This is about £34 for 30ml.

Whether your spending valentines day alone or with someone special you can still get in the spirit and smell great! Hope you have a brilliant valentines day, however you spend it.

P.S. All the perfumes mentioned are available at boots who currently have 10% on their perfumes!

Thanks for reading,
Vicky x

Friday, 25 January 2013

My SS13 style

I live in the UK and at the moment it's freezing! Recently we've had a lot of snow and although I love it, Ive had enough! I'm tired of layering, bundling in thick scarves, throwing on big coats and trying to keep my toes warm in three pairs of socks! So I have been thinking of the warmer weather, it may be early but I'm already thinking about what I'm going to wear this spring/summer. So I decided to put together a little list of my top styles that I am going to attempt to rock this spring/summer. Hope you enjoy!

High waisted shorts
I love the look of high waisted shorts with almost everything! I think they look great with tops tucked into them or with crop tops. I also love that you can wear them for most occasions, casual with some high tops and a crop top or dressy with a shirt tucked in and some killer heels! This year I really want to get some Levi shorts, I see them on everyone and they look so cool! The ones in the picture below are from eBay, I love the stud detail on the back pockets. In my opinion I think eBay is the best place to look for Levi shorts as there are so many different styles to choose from and there are a lot of really cool revamped ones.

Summer dresses
Summer dresses are the easiest thing to wear in spring and summer. You can just chuck them on and instantly look fabulous without much effort. I love this one from Topshop, it has a black and white lace/floral design. I love it because it is different from your standard floral print summer dress. I'm thinking about this one as it is £32 which is a reasonable price, however I'm not sure if I would get a lot of wear out of it. Let me know what you think!
Denim shirts
I love the look of denim shirts in spring and summer, I think they look great worn open with a casual printed top underneath or buttoned up with collar tips. The one I found is £16.99 from New look, a great price! I will definitely be buying a demin shirt to wear this spring/summer!
The aztec trend is still going strong and looks great on almost every piece of clothing. There are many different styles of the aztec print, some bold, some muted, and some that are absolutely crazy! Personally I like the look of aztec when it is slightly muted and less 'in your face'. I love this crop top from New look, the aztec is really subtle and I think it looks really stylish. I will definitely be purchasing this piece as it is only £8.99! I also think that this could be worn for many different occasions because of the subtlety of the print.

The floral print always seems to come back every spring/summer and I have to say I do sometimes get a bit bored of it. However there are certain pieces that I absolutely love, I'm also quite picky when it comes to the print. But I love this one from Boohoo, the print is beautiful and so are the colours! I also love the skirt itself, its a really nice shape. It's also a great price at £12.00.

Thanks for reading! Hope your all having a fantastic new year so far!
Vicky x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Current deals and sales #1

I thought it would be a good idea to regularly post about current sales and deals that are going on. So this is my first and hopefully there will be many more to come.

The first deal I thought I would mention is on vouchercodes, if you don't know what vouchercodes is its basically a place that regularly gives u offers on restaurants, shops etc. you can visit the website or download the app! There was one deal that caught my eye, 30% off at The Bodyshop. This is a great saving, I'll certainly be using mine in store.

The next offer is on BrandAlley, BrandAlley is a site which sells designer brands but not at designer prices! They are offering an amazing £10 off anything when you spend £60 or more. You just need to enter the code GET10 at checkout to get your bargain! The offer ends on the 30th September 2012 so hurry!

The final offer I am going to mention is a sale, the new look sale! If you didn't know already the new look sale is always amazing! about half the store is covered in sale racks and all the clothes are really discounted, not like some stores which only take a few pounds off. The sale ends on 5/10/12 so make sure you head down and grab some great deals!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more.

Vicky x

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cheaper alternative to the urban decay primer potion!

I don't know about you but eye primer is one thing that I CANNOT live without! I have oily lids and the crease in my eye means that eye shadow creases like crazy within an hour. So I need a primer to keep it in place.

I don't mind spending the money on eyeshadow primers because it is an essential for me, but now I have found a much cheaper alternative I will never turn back.

You probably think I'm going to start talking about the ELF eyeshadow primer, people have mentioned that it is comparable to the urban decay primer potion and it is. However on my eyes I need something with a slightly thicker consistency as I find it creates a better base for my eye shadow. The MUA professional eye primer is perfect!

For me the MUA professional eye primer works brilliantly, it keeps my eyeshadow on all day. Its definitely just as good as the urban decay eyeshadow primer. the best part is the price it's only £2.50 and is available at Superdrug.

The consistency of this eye primer is very comparable to the urban decay primer potion, slightly thick and creamy but easy to blend. It sets and leaves a smooth base covering any veins on your eyelid. The product comes in a tube with a sponge tip applicator on a wand, this makes it easy to apply over the eyelid. I would definitely give this a go if your in the market for a new eyeshadow primer.

Thanks for reading

Vicky x